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Intro to UX Design / Research – Weekend Intensive

February 16, 6:30 pm - February 19, 3:00 pm | $379
Intro to UX Design / Research - Weekend Intensive

Want to learn more about User Experience Design and Research? Join UX Night School President’s Day weekend in SE PDX for a fun, hands-on introduction to human-centered design!

On Saturday and Sunday, we’ll complete all four of the UX Night School Intro Workshops, learning skills and tactics for UX design and research, including interviewing, usability testing, accessible design, journey mapping and iterative prototyping. Then, we’ll put our skills to use for good- on Monday we’ll kickstart volunteer projects in partnership with the Visible Alliance and other community organizations.

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Workshops are designed for adults working in design and technology, but are open to folks from all backgrounds and experience levels. There are no prerequisites!

Workshop participants are eligible to register for credit hours (continuing education, undergraduate or graduate) through Portland State University. Participation in workshops is equivalent to 2 CEUs or 2 credit hours. For an additional 1 or 2 CEUs/credit hours, students can complete a project (with documented hours and deliverables).

Childcare is available with advance registration.

Friday 2/16
6:30 – Introductions and Happy Hour (Optional)

Saturday 2/17
10 AM – Usability and Accessibility – Planning UX Projects
1PM – Lunch
2PM- Talking to Strangers: Ethnographic Interviewing
5PM- End of Day

Sunday 2/18
10 AM -Interviewing Users and Journey Mapping
1PM – Lunch
2PM- Designing Services and Prototyping

Monday 2/19
10:30 AM – 3PM Volunteer Projects Work Session


About UX Night school
We think professional development should be relevant, fun, and human-centered.

Humans tend to learn new things best when we do it in social context. When we see someone else do it, learn how to do it ourselves, then teach someone else to do it.

We see humanity in computing, in product design, in digital marketing, in designing services and digital experiences. We want to help you maximize this wonderful thing- humanity, to understand it, quantify it and use it to make better work. Because we all need more of it.

We think you can become an advocate for the end user, even if you’re not a quote-unquote User Experience Designer. That every project manager, engineer, designer, account manager, team lead, QA tester and infosec expert could use User Experience and design thinking in their everyday work.

That anyone making, selling, or supporting technology could be well-served to connect with the users of their products, or at least work with others to do so.

We want to help you and your team to make this happen, and give you tools to build your team from the ground up. Hang out with us and learn the basics of user research, prototyping, usability testing, accessibility, and how to plan, budget and execute all this.

We like to work fun, hands-on, relevant. We like to test hypotheses, and see things differently.

We are based in Portland, Oregon, and the Internet.


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UX Night School
1302 SE Martin Luther King Blvd
Portland, OR 97214 United States
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