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To submit an event to Portland Design Events, please email John at john@portlanddesign.org with the following information:

  1. Event title
  2. Description
  3. Date & time
  4. Location (with full address)
  5. Organizer (name and website, if applicable)
  6. Link to event web page (if applicable)
  7. Event cost
  8. Cover image (if possible)



We post events at our discretion, in keeping with our mission of sharing events that benefit the design community of Portland, Oregon.  We reserve the right to modify event descriptions and/or images to better suit the format of the website and related social media promotions, and to better promote the awesome things that you and our community are doing!

By submitting an event and image, you agree that the description/image may be shared on our social media accounts, as modified as necessary, in order to help promote your events!

Unfortunately, we cannot promote art exhibits, as there are so many in Portland, that would be a separate website in and of itself.

Thanks so much for visiting Portland Design Events, and for submitting your event!  We’re so proud to help you share the love of all the great things you’re doing!  Keep it up!  You’re what makes this town the amazing place that it is!!